Social Media Apps Much More Than a Medium to Stay Connected!

3 March, 2016  
Mantthan Web Solutions

Staying connected round the clock with friends and dear ones might have appeared as a joke to many, if we talk of a decade back. Cutting to present, social media is omnipresent. However, can you see social media in physical form? Well, the answer has to be no. social media apps and platforms have become an integral part of human life.
Imagining a day without having access to social networking platform is impossible. The impact of social media is pretty much visible. Not only does such platforms serve primary objective of communication but also serve more needs.

Here are a few principles following which you can have an effective and good website designing.

  • Internet users are short on patience

As per Global Web Index Report, on an average, a person spends near about 1.72 hours browsing through social media. In other words,7.2 percent of day is spent using social media apps and platforms.
In the year 2015, over 300000 apps were added to Apple Store. With the amount of time spent by users on social media and number of apps created, it can be said these social networking platforms are really making big out there. Here are three of the coolest features of social media apps.

It is personal - Life is becoming less complicated with the emergence of social media apps. Apps like Whisper and Secret give you the power to share confessions and secrets with friends without having to disclose your identity. Wondering how it can happen? The moment you start a conversation, the shared content or information gets encrypted via servers. As content was created only on your phone, it is the only place where it can be decrypted. Such apps just allow you to have fun while keeping your identity under wraps.

Data driven intelligence - Are you wondering what social media apps can do with algorithms? The answer is a lot. Algorithms are designed for tracking consumer insights and trends. Apps such as Unmetrics work only on social media analytics have come up for facilitating targeted social media campaigns making offering of social media apps highly dynamic.

It's time to mess with friends - Given the kind of innovative ideas which social media offers every other day, one thing is for sure that bond among people is becoming stronger. For example, Bubbly, an app developed for recording, altering and sharing voice messages to friends in the funniest possible way. Such apps not only makes their way into the industry but has also touched human lives.

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Social media is much more then media sharing and staying connected. It has become an integral part of human lives. No matter where you live, sharing messages and with loved ones is now just a matter of a few clicks. With the kind of awesome features it has to offer, it brings smile on the face of many people.

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