Impact of colors on your Web Design

7 January, 2017  
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Today web pages are the strongest communication tools between a web user and a web producer. For such reason it is really important to select a good color scheme for your web design. Colors are the central part of our daily lives. People instantly attract and look at different colors, shades and tints thousands of time each day. People convey to certain things based on colors and rely on them. Colors are having both psychological and emotional impacts. So here you are going to understand about the impact, which colors put in a web design.

Basic rules of color theory for Website Designing

  1. Primary colors are blue, yellow and red. All the hues are derived from these colors.
  2. Secondary ones are green, violet and orange.
  3. Tertiary or intermediate colors are between secondary and primary colors:-
  • ~ Red-violet
  • ~ Blue-violet
  • ~ Blue-green
  • ~ Yellow-orange
  1. Warm colors range from red-violet-yellow. Orange is extreme warm color, which are active and vibrant colors.
  2. Cool ranges from violet-green-yellow. Blue is the extreme in this category. It gives subdued and relaxed feel.
  3. Analogous colors are 3 consecutive color segments on the wheel of colors. They produce palette that goes well with the harmony feeling.

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  • Functions of colors in web designing

Color is having a power of affecting or control the feel and look of the web site. Adding few great colors can make look a boring site much more exciting and on the other hand a wrong choice can make your site look ugly or can evoke negative emotions of the audiences. Therefore web designers must have colors that can enhance the site appearance in a good way. It should provide good emotional and visual effects. Web color should aid users and readers in enjoying the web experience.

  • Readability

There are few other things that need attention in a web design connected to colors. The combination of hues used is integral part when it needs to deal with foregrounds and backgrounds of the web page. One vital design problem is to create these with excess contrast so that the content looks legible. If there will not be enough contrast, then monochromic and analogous colors will make it hard for the readers to view and read. It can also give a severe headache to the readers.

Bright colors are good in grabbing attention because they are obvious and loud. But still there is one more thing. If all the color on the page is bright, then it is going to give eye sore to the readers. It needs that the website designer must produce an exciting color scene that will be called wise.

  • Web safe colors

Colors on the site are a complex thing and sometimes it can be a frustrating issue to deal with. If you use browser safe colors, then it will look good. Colors outside the palettes will cause dithering issues.

Now you must have got the idea how much impact colors have on a web design. It needs a solid color scheme to create a visually appealing site design. From consistency to accessibility colors play their own vital role.

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