Top 10 Web Design Trends For 2018

17 August, 2018  
Mantthan Web Solutions

1. Fluid Shapes
Web designs are shifting from traditional shapes such as boxes, rectangles, polygons and hard edge shapes. Now, designers are leveraging fluid shapes to offer a smooth and pleasant appeal to the site designs. Upgrades in the mobile screen designs have been a cause for this trend. Fluid shapes give more natural appeal to the web designs when surfed through mobile screens.

2. Explosion of color
Gone are the days when colors were a big NO during site design. Modern-edge digital market gives fame to designs that have appealing and contrasting colors. Web designers have started using advanced graphics in colors that look pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. However, the value of business-relevant color selection still matters in 2018.

3. Illustration, SVG images

Stock photo collections have lost their value. In 2018, one can expect the rise of SVG images with optimization and responsiveness. Image production and usage will attain a distinguished approach to gain unique appeal. This unique appeal will help websites to create a distinctive identity in the ever-changing market. Illustrations will help in conveying brand merits to site visitors.

4. Large typography

Not recently, sites started using small typography and logos. Soon it presented the issues of high bounce rate. But now, both site designers and owners have understood the value of large typography. Large icons, logos, and typography have already achieved popularity in web design. This year is going to just boost that trend furthermore. As a result, sites can expect more retainable traffic with low bounce rate.

5. Broken layouts

At the beginning of web designing, there was a trend of having one page dedicated to a single design system. But web designing has evolved now and more futuristic layouts offer modern looks to the sites. Different variations of broken layouts will become more and more popular in 2018. The industry will see an increase in asymmetrical grids, split layouts and half-and-half screen usage.

6. Inventive typography

Apart from the typography size, this year is going to show variation in styles of web designing typography. No site owner likes to have old, traditional fonts in the design. There are now different artistic possibilities available to explore. It seems like custom fonts will get famous in the industry this year. Better screen resolutions on the devices can allow readers to understand stylish fonts easily. Hence, more designers and site owners are going to embrace distinguish font styles to develop a distinctive identity in their online market.

7. Dynamic gradients

Technological advancements in mobile and other devices have allowed a comeback for gradient backgrounds. High-resolution screens are now capable of actually showcasing the beauty of colorful backgrounds on a site. Web designers can rely on gradients to highlight images in an elegant manner. This way, viewers will feel engaged and mesmerized by the vividness of the colors and images.

8. Mobile first

It took a long time, but the whole digital world has successfully shifted to mobile browsing. Search engines and web designing experts are dedicating time and efforts to enhance user experience for mobile users. The challenges of complex navigation, small text size, and unresponsive elements are addressed now. In 2018, mobile first will get more value in terms of responsiveness and mobile viewing. Hence, websites won’t just work on desktop devices, but also impress the users of mobile devices.

9. Drop shadows and extra depth

Drop shadows are coming in 2018 straight from the 1990s. Extra depth and shadows are a perfect addition to make designs more impressive on small-sized screens. Graphics receive valuable quirks that make high-quality pages more eye-pleasing.

10. Subtle animations

Animations have given additional elements to designers to provide attention-grabbing features. However, subtle animations are becoming more and more important in 2018. Users don’t like to wait at all for animation loading. Hence, designers and site owners apply techniques to incorporate animations without compromising the performance.

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